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    Hi everyone….I had a scope in May and all good and coming up next week on my 2 year mark. There was a small area in May that was irritated and red but no tumour growth. Dr. said not concerned. A few days ago seen blood in urine not a lot but worried. When to hospital and they did lots of blood work etc but had an ultrasound and the good news was no mass or tumours but there was an area that had mild jagged nodule. Kidneys were great etc. This they said will cause bleeding. They were really reassuring but I see my urologist August 31. No more blood after that day.
    Dr. explained from the surgeries, biopsy, and BCG’s that these nodules can grow. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


    Hi Linda.

    Good luck on the 31. I don’t know what nodules are, so I can’t help you there. Hopefully, everything will be OK.



    Hello Lynda

    I know what it is like to get that unexpected blood in the urine. I had that this spring and after I spent time swinging from the rafters, I got a hold of my urologist. He wasn’t concerned and the following scope provided explanation. The in between can be pretty tough, though, so I understand where you are at. Not familiar with nodules so can’t comment on this but can provide support for you. You are almost there to the 31st so take a deep breath, spend time with those you love, have fun, live life and the next thing you know, the 31st will be here. Then you will know better what is going on and can move forward from there. No matter what the results, you will at least be moving forward instead of stuck in limbo waiting. I know, easy to say, tough to do. I have had two relapses and the last one wasn’t pretty but I know the routine and place reliance in the wonderful success statistics of BCG. Being you have already had the ultrasound to eliminate a lot of possibilities, you are a huge step ahead. Please stay in contact with us on the forum to keep us updated and for those times when you need support from those who understand what you are going through.

    We are here for you.

    Take care


    Hi Lynda!

    Best of luck tomorrow. Here’s to hoping that your uro can shed some light on the situation. As already mentioned, you’ve had some tests etc. done which should help with your uro deciding what it is. The waiting to find out is the most stressful part. Hang in there…take deep yoga breathes, have a delicious hot bath, eat a piece of dark chocolate…just suggesting ya know? ((((HUGS))))


    Good luck tomorrow Lynda

    Definitely take the advice on the chocolate.

    Take care


    Hymm, well if it were me I would have another cysto. I would want to see tht thing up close and personal.



    I hope that she does do another cysto – I’m curious to know what “nodules” are. Are they baby tumours that have sprouted from an original tumour site or some other critter altogether?


    Hi Lynda, I hope everything went well. Post diagnosis, seeing blood in any amount can be scary. Glad that the ER docs and your URO are staying on top of it.

    Best wishes, Rhonda-Lee


    Hi Linda . I’m wondering what the cystocopy results were . The term “nodule” when referring to the bladder is quite often associated with a disease called endometriosis . That disease , while it needs to be dealt with , is not a form of cancer . Depending on their size and depth a lot of the time the nodules can be removed by resection but sometimes a partial cystectomy is called for .
    With any luck you are already over this and getting on with life . I wish you all the best .

    Merry Christmas ,
    Rick Beaver

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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