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    Jack Moon

    Wouldn’t this be great for Bladder and Prostate Cancer early diagnosis. Hopefully it gets enough funding to get to trials asap.
    This link was provided by the Canadian Urology Association.



    This is the stuff that a bladder cancer patient dreams of!!!! We can only hope and pray that something like this comes to fruition, the sooner the better. It could be part of an annual checkup and is non-invasive and cheaper.

    I think if more screening tests could be done in a friendlier, non-invasive manner more people would get them done and be able to live healthier lives overall because potential problems would be caught and treated earlier. This would be a more economical way for the health care system overall and not to mention the lesser toll on society as a whole.

    My hubby (due to weird PSA readings) had to undergo two prostate biopsies, both which were negative for cancer thankfully but as we all know that was an invasive and painful process, one that he now refuses to undergo again. While I understand his reasons, I worry because prostate cancer is in his family history. So yeah, a test like this would be far more preferable. Thanks for sharing Jack.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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