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    Diagnosed 10 months ago…had 3rd TURBT on Monday. 
    At the last cystoscopy we saw calcified growth. Apparently this can be normal…especially after mitomycin. 
    I am having worse cramping this time, although less bleeding.
    anyone else have experience with this?
    Is surgery every 3 months a likelihood for my future?
    Waiting patiently for pathology.


    Many people have found help with the pain and discomfort (cramping, frequency, urgency, burning, etc.) by taking warm baths or placing a heating pad appropriately. I also took Tylenol (pick your pain relief favourite) to take the edge off a little if there was pain. As you may have experienced, the bleeding or clots can emerge for a couple of weeks or more following the TURBT. Avoid caffeine as it is somewhat of an irritant as well.

    As you are aware, BC can recur up to 80% of the time, but that by no means suggests that you will need surgery every three months. A lot depends on the stage and grade as to what the future may hold. However, if it is T1 and high grade, recurrence is not unusual and at some point discussion might be forthcoming about more aggressive treatment (read RC). Cross that bridge only if and when you come to it.

    Of course, we always suggest (strongly) on this site that you receive care from a cancer specialist (uro-oncologist) at a major cancer centre. They see what you’ve got weekly if not daily and there are few surprises and a proven track record along with colleagues from whom to elicit experience and advice. You may well already be doing that, but if not, please consider it.

    I had lots of mitomycin treatments over a 2 1/2 year period. Never had the calcium issues as far as I am aware.But even though there are many similarities among us all, to some extent we are also quite unique. Another good reason to be seen by a specialist who has seen it all.

    Blessings right back at you!


    Thanks Greg. I am being seen by a urologist. Not an oncologist or at a cancer clinic I asked why and they said those are only for the very sick.
    I am going to ask for my pathology reports and see what they say.
    I am hoping my 3 for 3 will be the end of my journey…but if my 4th cysto turns I to a 4th TURBT, I may ask for a second opinion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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