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    A friend of mine raises puppies that will be trained as guide dogs for the blind. Her newest “trainee” is a lovely golden lab pup named Shadow. We both volunteer at Wellspring Calgary, a cancer support center. My friend brings her pup with her to get her socialized as part of her training. The other day we were in a group having lunch. Shadow was lying on the floor between me and my friend. I made the mistake of putting my leftover lunch in my bag on the floor next to the pup. I get the fact that puppies are mischievous and will get into stuff. She proved that fact when she suddenly woke up and started to raid my bag. She scarfed my remaining chicken sandwhich. That I get. What I don’t get is that she scarfed it down saran wrap and all. I was worried that the plastic may affect her insides but it was reported that she passed said plastic with no ill effects. Who else has or had dogs that ate weird stuff?

    Rick B


    Dogs are incredible and are equiped with organs that surpass humans in many ways. The digestive system especially is an incredible combination of processes that can handle normal and foriegn elements as compared to ourselves.

    Here is an extarct worth reading to give you some insights on how the process works…Dogs are awesome friends, Rhonda and I have had several over the years and each one has left longlasting memories. Because we try to travel more now that we are retired, we have not ventured out in search of a new friend. We’ve thougt of being a foster home but we attach oursleves so easily that we would probably end up with a Hotel for great dogs.




    “The dog’s stomach is like an accordion that folds to almost a thin intestine-like organ when it is empty, and when filled, it expands to full size, unfolding all the wrinkles. In fact, when it is empty, it looks almost like a human brain – that’s how much it folds. (In comparison, a human stomach is simply a bag – it does not fold at all.) The stomach has some very strong muscle in its lining, and it will constantly massage the food, thus making sure the digestive juices get into close contact with the food.

    The dog’s stomach will take up some 70-75% of the total volume of the entire gastrointestinal system. It is huge. The human stomach will be only a small fraction of the system, taking up only about 20% of its total volume.

    The stomach will continue the digestion process till more or less all digestible pieces of food have been dissolved. When finished with the digestion process, the strong muscles will squeeze the now liquid mass into the intestine for the final finish of the process and for the absorption of the nutrients.

    In general, all this is geared towards the stomach handling big portions of food at a time -and being given the opportunity to finish a meal before being filled again. It is like a washing machine running through its program and then waiting for the next load. I hope you understand the huge difference compared to the human system that is much more like a septic tank where the food seeps through all the time. Our stomach does not handle big meals very well. We do much better on a meal plan that gives us many small meals during the day, if not a constant flow of small snacks. Our stomach is way too small to do any serious digestion of large batches – it merely provides a brief pre-digestion by preparing the food for a more thorough digestion in the intestine.

    The dog’s stomach is a depot organ – the human stomach is merely a transit station.”


    And I thought cats were bad! lol


    Not having ever owned a cat, I have to ask do they eat strange things?

    I’ve had bunnies chew power cords, baseboard and I actually accidentally lost a bun because he snacked on foam rubber and it screwed up his insides. Buns do like rubber bands too.


    Are you sure that’s a dog? I have one who is part alien, part theif and part lunatic. He will take anything that is contraband including my guns, cell phones, tools etc. He eats that parts that he can and takes the remains back to me as a gift. Some things have never been retrieved and some things he takes outside and buries them. Very sneaky. His favorite thing is rolls of paper towels and rocks that he brings in the house. He is always on 24 hour surveillance except when he isn;t. His brother, fortunately, will come to me to squel on him. There is no possible way to get angry with him though because he is so funny and innocent. So we just have a father-son chat.

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