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    My husband 59 years has just finished his chemotherapy 4 cycles. He is scheduled for bladder removal December 6th. My work will allow me to be off for up to 17 weeks to care for him, paid for by employment insurance at up to 55% of my wages. We have  budgeted for this as we feel this will be beneficial to his successful recovery and eventually returning to work.

    We we needed our GP to fill out the paperwork yesterday and we were met with reluctance as he said his life is not in danger. We were told not to make this a bigger thing than it is and remember to keep a positive attitude. This makes me wonder if I am being too negative and expecting this to be harder than it actually will be.

    We believe radical cystoscopy and a neo bladder recovery should meet the criteria for benefits.

    Has anyone else been able to get help re caregiver benefits for this situation. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanking you in advance 🙂



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    Hi Neo

    I would suggest you contact the social work department at your local cancer centre or the hospital where your husband will be having surgery. They will best be able to advise you what your options are for time off for a family member whose loved one has cancer.
    I suspect your employer was thinking of Compassionate Care Benefits through EI. EI has strict criteria about what constitutes critical illness.(…“a family member who is gravely ill and has a significant risk of death within 6 months”). Your doctor may have been suggesting that they are anticipating a very different outcome for your husband- cancer gone and a return to health.  Social workers can be great resources in explaining how to navigate bureaucratic systems.
    Good luck to your husband. This is a big surgery. Having you as his advocate, caregiver and support system will be immensely helpful in his recovery.   That being said, it is important you have support for yourself. You need to look after yourself so you can be there for him.  There may be  a caregiver support group through Wellspring or your cancer centre.  I know people who have these groups to be helpful.
    Take care.


    Thank you Bette for your lovely response. We were hoping to apply for family caregiver benefit for adults. I will take your advice and reach out to the hospital social worker.

    thanks again


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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