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    After over4 years fighting this very aggressive cancer and three rounds of BCG treatments I am considered a BCG failure. I have been told that having my bladder, prostate and lymph nodes out is my only option left. I have lukemia as well and even though I am in remission with it, I am very concerned about this operation as my last experience in the hospital was not a good one and I understand that this operation is not with out risk. Would anyone have any experience with this type of cancer that they could share with me. I would very much like to get a second opinion but afraid I might be running out of time.

    Jack Moon

    Hi Darryl

    Getting a 2nd opinion at a major cancer centre, with a top Urologist who specializes with bladder cancer is very important in your case. If he/she agrees with your current Urologist it will put your mind at ease. Their are a couple of schools of thought when dealing with a CIS recurrence that is still non-muscle invasive.
    Some have had success with BCG/Interferon treatments as interferon has had success in boosting the BCG. Others have chosen to have their bladder removed at a major cancer centre.
    If you are incurring delays in seeing a top Urologist at a major cancer centre, I may be able to assist in speeding up the appointment.
    Hopefully others who have experienced what you are, will chime in and share their decision making process.
    All the best,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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