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    I didn’t use the term “give up”. that’s not in my nature. But this asthma is really getting me down at times. I mean seriously, It used to be one fully grown female elephant on my chest at times, even waking me up at night. But she recently gave birth and her child is no light weight. My doctor reassured me that it will continue to get worse more than likely and will be difficult to control. That was consoling. Anyone here have asthma who just would rather not have it?




    I have asthma and would rather not but unlike yours, mine has gotten better over the years. As a small child, I spent much of my time in an oxygen tent at the hospital. I was allergic to…well..pretty much everything that was outside – grass, trees, flowers, sun, cats, dogs, horses. So, that would lead to asthma attacks. Not much fun for a little girl. The last time I went to pet a horse was in grade 2 on a field trip….that sent me to hospital and the lovely oxygen tent for 6 weeks. Ok, so now I know….don’t pet the horsey 🙂

    Now, though, asthma is a minor inconvenience. I carry my ventolin just in case but haven’t had a serious attack in a while.

    Now suffering from bipolar disorder….there’s a whole other topic…THAT…I would definitely rather NOT HAVE!!!!

    Hope your doc is wrong in this case and that the elephant and her family get off your chest.



    I can leave a trail of peanuts leading away from you…mebbe that will work?
    I don’t have asthma, but can really empathize with you.


    Yeah, the peanuts! That should work. Let’s give it a try. If that doesn’t work I at least have an appt. with my doc to discuss other options. And there are always at least three work arounds for everything, including the traffic in New York City lower Manhattan. Yeah, been there. Actually I drove in that place. Won;t go there again though. I’ll though it out. But I might eat the peanuts. No, maybe not, I want these elephants in my back yard, not on my chest.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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