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    Hi Everyone!

    It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close already. We’ve had a real stormy summer here in Calgary. I hope that isn’t an indicator of our coming winter! Brrr! I hope and pray for positive outcomes for all that have “stuff” this month. Nothing for me. ((((((HUGS))))) to all.


    Hi marysue,

    I “had” my 3rd cysto scheduled for September 2nd – perfect for a 4 day long weekend, but it got rescheduled for September 1st. Fingers crossed for an all-clear, and celebrate with a 5 day weekend instead. Positive vibes for everyone else going through procedures.



    Hello everyone,

    I will have my 12 month BCG Maintenance on Fridays September 2, 9, and 16.

    Best Wishes to all going through medical procedures for the month of September.

    God Bless


    Arn’s bladder

    Hi to all. Arn’s Bladder – surgery on Sept 1, 2016 to remove bladder & replace with a neobladder.

    Paul D

    Best wishes for Arn, seems almost like a relief to get it done after all you guy’s have been through.
    Love and best wishes.


    Wish with all my heart I could post something here. Does Guinness have a record holder for this category?

    08/26/16: I’m supposed to find out tomorrow if I’ve made the list for upcoming surgeries. Keep your fingers crossed. It’s been a long wait for the RC.

    Rick B

    Nothing for me in Sept…best wishes Arn and to all having something done in Sept. Looking forward to hearing all the success stories…

    Stay positive…stay strong…be well!!

    God Bless.



    Third cystoscopy on September 28 – hopefully all clear!
    good luck to all undergoing any procedure this month!


    Good luck, support, and all best vibes going out to all who are getting new chemo, scopes, surgeries, results or anything else BC-related.

    I find out tomorrow if I’m on the surgery list for the RC. Fingers crossed!!

    Paul D

    I have a Cystoscopy (my 3rd) scheduled for late September but as usual have no notification of date, time etc. The nurse at my last BCG let me know but wouldn’t give me the dates, she was a bit embarrassed about letting the news out. Same old waiting and more waiting, I will bask in the peace and if I had a pipe & slippers I would put my feet up.
    Love and best wishes to all getting anything BC related.
    Paul D


    I am thrilled beyond belief to say that I finally got a date for my RC and neo surgery…. September 21. I can’t begin to describe the amount of stress that has disappeared from my life. Of course, I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. YAY FOR ME!
    For everyone else who is still waiting, I hope you hear soon.


    Best wishes for a successful surgery Saldcorn! Don’t hesitate to contact BCC if you want to talk to anyone that has had a neo bladder surgery. And yes, you are right…the stress does lessen once you know the road you are on. ((((((HUGS))))))

    Marie 1

    Kory, I will be thinking of Arn and yourself on Sept 1st and will prayer for a speedy recovery. God Bless.

    Saldcorn, so happy to hear that you have a date for your surgery. Stay strong. God Bless


    Arn’s bladder

    Paul D. Marie 1 and all – Thank you for the positive thoughts – 2 more days ! Arn just wants it over with so the healing can begin. Both of us are going back and forth from stressed out to relieved…

    For Saldcorn, YAY FOR YOU indeed ! That is wonderful news !!!

    Best wishes for everyone else who is waiting for results, surgery, etc.

    love Arn & Kory


    Dear Arn and Kory,

    I will be thinking of you both tomorrow and on Thursday. I expect tomorrow will be fairly nerve-wracking, but at least you’re finally en route.
    Arn – best wishes for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.
    Kory – Thursday will probably be harder on you than Arn (only because he’ll sleep through it), so my wish for you is peace of mind.

    With all best,

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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