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    Hi Everyone – Another month will be upon us soon enough.  As 2022 is slowly drawing to a close, many uncertainties remain both on the health front and news front for a lot of us including myself.

    As some of you have read in the forum I too, am now back in the saddle and dealing with a repeat performance of this beast after a 12 year clear run.  It is hard not to feel down no matter where you are in the journey with bladder cancer.  I have had my share of cries and wondering why it came back after so long and I’m sure that some of you are asking the same in your own situations.

    The thing that I’m trying to focus on is how fortunate I am to have had the care that I received.  And this is on top of the trying circumstances that our medical professionals find themselves still in after almost 3 years of dealing with covid.

    I ask that everyone join together as able and continue to send out positive thoughts and prayers to all that are dealing with bladder cancer.  I also ask at this time that we send our positive thoughts and prayers to all the medical professionals out there to support them as they do their work.  The majority of them are walking angels on this earth.  ((((HUGS)))) to all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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