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    Hi Everyone:

    Another month has reached the halfway point. Hopefully spring is finally arriving across Canada and the Maritimes is getting rid of all that snow! Nothing for me this month but thinking positive vibes and wishing those with “stuff” good results as always.

    Rob T

    April Cystoscopy showed more growth – so, TURBT number 4 on May 12th.

    Rick B

    Hi Rob,

    Stay positive that you’ll beat it this time…I had multiple recurrences too and with continued BCG instillation after TURBT I am all clear for nearly 2 years.
    Wishing you the very best with your next TURBT.

    Best wishes for favorable outcome for all folks having anything done in May.



    Best wishes Rob for a successful TURBT and may it be your last.


    My two year CT scan is the last week of May, with the follow up in June. So far so good and expecting that to continue!

    pT2a January 2013
    RC/Neo June 2013


    Nothing going on here, Marysue. Not in my brain anyway. And nothing scheduled in May. But I give my best wishes to all of you who are having strange, weird and yucky things done to the, That include….Well, nevermind that. Good luck my friends with whatever you are having done. Or for that that matter, whatever you do !. Which we would all like to hear about in the Off Topic section.



    I have a cystoscopy on May 25. My first cysto after my first TURB. I expect it to be fine. But you never know.


    Hey! I had my post BCG follow up which showed more growth and had a 4th surgery on Wednesday past. I ended up at emerg yesterday with intense pain, pressure from urine retention. They gave me a catheter which gave much relief. Each time after surgery the experience has been different. I wonder if requesting to have catheter in after those surgeries? It makes sense to give the bladder some time to heal and decrease pain/pressure and inability to urinate. I had the catheter removed today and things are going smoothly now. I will start my next 6 BCGs in a couple weeks.
    Hope all is well with everyone and all follow ups and app are filled with great news!
    Much Love
    ps…anyone else have a lot of discomfort after surgery? any tips?


    Tanya, a certain amount of discomfort is certainly to be expected after this type of surgery. I’m sure you uro would be open to discussion about at cath being left in for a day or two. There may be pros and cons which he can educate you about.
    Some folks have tried to apply mild heat, like a heating pad, for discomfort. Tylenol may help take the edge off as well. Drink lots, even though that makes you want to urinate more which can hurt to a degree. Patience and a favorite movie never hurt either!
    All the best.


    thanks for the reply greg! I appreciate all your tips!
    Yes, this is my fourth surgery and I am familiar with the discomfort, but this time was extremely bad urination retention. It did try the heating pad and meds, which didn’t even knock spot off! I did get immediate relief when catheter was put in at emerg! I am hoping the next round of BCGs will do the trick and prevent further surgeries…they are getting old fast haha!
    T and relaxing is in order!


    Tanya, I certainly hope that this TURBT is your last but if it isn’t I suggest as mentioned if another is required that you request that the catheter be left in for a number of hours post op to ensure that your plumbing is functioning up to speed. I guess every hospital is different. I’ve had 2 TURBTs and even though it was day surgery I was kept overnight with the catheter in and then after it was removed I had to be able to void a certain amount 2-3 times before I was allowed to go home. After each void the nurse used a portable ultrasound to check how much urine was left in my bladder. I was thankful that I passed that test because it would have meant being cathed again and I wouldn’t have been a happy camper about that. I also suggest asking if they know what is causing the issue – is it blood clots or is your urethra just swollen after being beaten up in the surgery. I found that was what caused most of my post op discomfort. I clamped an ice pack between my legs for a short time after getting home. I felt the swelling go down. I used a heating pad on my bladder to ease the spasms. My bladder hates being messed with. Later gentle heat in both places made it easier to go to the bathroom. That and lots of water and peppermint tea. I did the same for BCG treatments as my urethra/genital area would swell up after being cathed and the drug being put inside me.


    I am new to this form and would like to say hello to my northern BC (not British Columbia nor Benedict Cumberbatch) friends! Hello from HOT, SUNNY Arizona!

    I am scheduled for my second TURBT May 13 – luckily its a Wednesday not a Friday.


    Well it seems like lots going on for people this month and I’m no exception. I have a cysto on May 28th, but may join the Foreign Legion before then. Its’ just about 2 years since I was first diagnosed with bladder cancer and it has been a long two years. I’ve had so many surgeries in the last 5 years (including colon re-section, two major lung surgeries, a big surgery to remove a tumor from my right ureter, and countless TURBTS ) that I’ve lost count. When the anaesthesiologist (sp) knows you by your first name, you know you’ve been there too many times. In any case, I was told after my last TURBT that my bladder has to come out and that is huge I know. Sort of feeling like I’m in limbo right now. Guess the BCG hasn’t worked for me, but I haven’t had any treatments for almost a year now.

    Pacific Sailor

    Meeting with oncologist May 28th to review results from my quarterly CT Apr 23rd. So we’ll see what the nodes have been up to.
    I actually re-scheduled the meeting on purpose, until after our return from sailing in the BVI with 2 couples of close friends. That way, the focus will be fun…fun…fun!!!


    @ Shelties, I tip my hat to as you certainly have been through a lot already. I’m sorry to hear that in the end you still require an RC. I sure you will come out on top with this surgery as well.
    There is a really helpful download on the BC site to prepare you for the RC, I wish I had found it before my surgery. It has been helpful none the less. As well, under the heading Patient Stories, there is a very informative and humorous account of someone’s RC experience.
    Good luck and keep us posted (hug) for you

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