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    Hi Everyone:

    Summer is approaching.  Hopefully the fire and flood situation that has plagued various parts of the country will subside and we can enjoy decent weather and relax for a bit.  I also want to send best wishes and positive thoughts and prayers for those that have “stuff” this month.  Please keep us informed of your progress.  ((((HUGS)))) to all.

    Rick B

    Nothing for me…wishing everyone having surgeries, treatments & tests the very best…stay strong, positive…God Bless!




    Last of my first 6 BCG treatments tomorrow, scope July 11 !


    After first BCG six-week session completed, cystoscopy indicated return of cancer so I had endured my eighth TURBT last week (one resident claims he is tired of seeing me). Oncologist/urologist indicated next phase will involve chemo (gemcitabine). Awaiting pathology results at the moment … Nighttime incontinence continues; now afflicted with occasional daytime ‘surge’ incontinence. Okay, I know it’s not a July Calendar entry but thought I would attempt to sneak a question in: anything I should know about gemcitabine as a treatment?  Regards to all ….


    I will be starting Gemcitiabine soon and would like to hear from anyone who has undergone and has comments


    Hi, had my first TURBT with TURP May 24th and went a couple of days ago to the follow up with my surgeon who said the words you don’t want to hear from your surgeon: “I gotta go back in there” … so I signed the forms for another TURBT & TURP combo and took my place in line and currently I am in search for someone to blame … just so that I feel better … eventually decided to blame the government, we blame them for everything (more recently with cause) also for the weather, so why not the government?


    Hi Miki;

    Welcome to Bladder Cancer Canada but sorry that you have need of us.  As for blaming the government, I don’t blame you with the nitwits that run both the USA and Canada right now but that is just my opinion. All opinions aside, it is normal to feel anger at a diagnosis like this.

    When I was diagnosed in 2008, it was on top of a very tumultuous decade of one thing after another and I was really fed up with everything.  When I got overwhelmed with anger one day not long after my diagnosis,  I went down into my basement and took a bat to an old pillow and beat the **** out of it.  I was alone and could let loose with cursing, swearing and just being a complete maniac.

    I also let loose by writing my feelings down.  I found a couple of old left over school notebooks from my kids and just sat down and wrote down everything and anything that I was mad at.  It didn’t matter how accurate it was.  No one else was going to read it.  Once I was done I had filled two notebooks and I felt a lot lighter.  I then destroyed the notebooks so that no one would be hurt by what I wrote if they read it.

    After that I resorted to exercising.  Walking, biking and swimming relieved a lot of stress and anger.  I later took up yoga.  I think that the long and short of what I’m trying to say is sure be p***** off at the government if you want but find healthy ways to let out the anger and frustration.

    It is okay to be angry.  It is a normal part of the emotional cycle with a cancer diagnosis.  One of our board members Val Macleod wrote an article a few years ago calling a bladder cancer diagnosis “The Roller Coaster of Emotions”.  And it is true – we go through different stages of shock, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.  Some people will swing back and forth between the different stages.  I was one of those.  Hope that you feel better soon and best wishes for a successful redo of the TURBT and TURP.  ((((HUGS))))

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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