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    Hi Everyone:

    I realize that I’m posting this very early but the Christmas rush is upon us, and I will be very busy in the near future so I’m on it before I forget. I don’t know where 2016 went but it seemed to go by really fast. To all of you that have “stuff” coming up this month (January 2017), all the best for positive outcomes. May bladder cancer become “In the days of Auld Lang Syne” for each of you in 2017. (((((HUGS))))) to all.


    Annual CT yesterday..
    Felt warmth go through me from head to toe….(-20 outside tonight)….”Breath in and hold your breath… whirr…whirr….now breathe normally”… Deed done for another year. Feeling great.
    Follow-up app’t… January 26th…

    Kingston and the 1000 Islands

    Jack Moon

    My annual cysto is January 9th. Hoping to be 10 years all clear.


    Hi All,

    I have a cysto on January 18th. If I get an all clear I will be off for 6 months followed by a cysto and 3 weeks of BCG. Good luck to all having procedures and test in January.



    Just did my cysto and all clear again. That makes three years since surgery and my first full year of semi-annual check-ups. Doc says one more year of semi and then we move to annuals. Haven’t done any BCG’s since right after the original surgery so feel very fortunate.

    Couldn’t change my December app’t on short notice at the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa due to work plans changing, but they sent me out to Hawkesbury on less than a week’s notice.

    It was refreshing to be out in a rural hospital where everyone was less formal and much more folksy.

    (and the parking was only $4.00)

    I think I will plan more appointments out there and leave the Monfort for people who are not as able to travel out of the city. Don’t get me wrong, I have had excellence experiences and services at the Montfort and would highly recommend it to anyone.

    But coming from rural Saskatchewan it was nice to go for a drive for the cysto and then stop in a small town diner on the way home for lunch. Made me feel at home !!

    Best wishes to everyone for 2017 and to the regulars on this site, keep up the good the work counseling and advising. You do the work of angels to those who are in need of words of wisdom !!

    Jack Moon

    Congrats Farm Boy, love to hear the words “all clear”

    Rick B

    Congrats to all who have just gone through cysto’s etc. with all clear’s…great news!

    Best Wishes for all clear to everyone having procedures/tests/etc in January 2017…

    Also, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everyone and may 2017 be the year of Good Health & Peace!

    God Bless.


    Marie 1

    Hi to all. My 3 month cysto is Jan 10th. Praying for another “all clear”

    I will repeat Rick. Congratulations to everyone that has received positive news and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and more importantly a healthy 2017!

    God Bless


    Happy New Year Everyone
    My first cysto is Jan 12th. Hopefully the urologist shares info with me as he is doing the procedure. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news.


    Happy New Year to all!

    I had my cysto in December. It was “all clear” and had the best Christmas present ever! I start maintenance treatment in January and will have a cysto in 3 months. I feel great and hope it will be good news from now on.
    Wishing you all a health and good 2017.

    Jack Moon

    Congrats Elissar on the all clear. Fantastic way to start the new year. Hopefully BCG continues to keep doing a great job for you.
    BCG = Bladder Cancer Gone.
    Happy New Year

    Paul D

    Hi all and like Jack I am due a cysto on the 9th although my 9th will be a day earlier here in Australia but good luck Jack and I will be thinking of you all as I walk into the theatre, yes they don’t wheel you in and hope to wake up in post-surgery with no catheter which will mean “ALL CLEAR.” Lets hope 2017 is a good year for BCC. Well done all who have had the all clear so far.
    Love & Best Wishes to all,
    Paul D

    Greg C

    Hello Nice Folks

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!! My prayers and well wishes for all on your upcoming procedures.
    I go for first and if dreams come true only turpt on the 9th. Looking forward to that step being done and hopefully a good pathology report.

    Greg C


    Thank you Jack, Amen for BCG=Bladder Cancer Gone!.

    Good luck Greg on the 9th I hope the pathology report will be good news. Fingers Crossed. Elissar


    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Congratulations to those who have received the good news!

    Here is a big HUG to everyone still waiting for the results and upcoming procedures. Keep smiling!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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