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    Are there any vitamins or supplements that one should take regularly? I am currently in BCG treatment

    Jack Moon

    Welcome Bub
    This was a research study regarding BCG treatments and Vit. D
    I have taken Vitamin D daily since 2007, still all clear. I starting the Vit. D when I was taking BCG treatments.
    All the best,

    Rick B

    Hello Bub,

    Glad you connected…you’ll find this site has lots in the way of past experiences so ask away anytime.

    I followed Jack’s lead with Vit.D over a year ago when I was having BCG treatments. I’m just over 1 year all clear. I also take Vits. C & B12

    Wishing you well…



    Hi Bub, I too am taking Vit. D as my last blood work showed I was deficient in Vit. D. I was taking one drop a day, (I don’t tolerate the tablets well) and my family doctor told me to take two drops a day. As I understand it, Vit. D props up the immune system which is crucial in coping with cancer, but I would suggest you speak with your doctor for some direction on this. Sunlight also helps, but there again, one can’t have too much exposure to the sun these days. Good luck with it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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