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    Hello,.its been quite a while since my last entry. My husband had his bladder removed in sept. 2014. Has anyone had blood in their urine 2 years post op?
    My husband has had 2 episodes since June. Last scans were done in July , after the first visible sign of blood..all looked good. Now again last week, more faint blood in urine. My husband wants to wait to see the dr. til Feb. when he is due for his next follow up scans. the dr. wasn’t too alarmed by the blood the first time. Has anyone had a recurrence after neobladder that first sign was blood in urine? FYI..My husband was diagnosed with HGpt2 Plasmacytoid bladder cancer. Very rare form of bladder cancer. thank you


    I have a neobladder and wouldn’t wait that long if I saw blood in my urine. Get it checked out immediately. Blood in the urine is telling you something isn’t working right, There is no downside to making sure something new isn’t happening. Did the urologist say why he wasn’t worried?


    Hi Theparentys,

    I agree with SJay. I also have a neobladder and would immediately see my urologist if there was blood in my urine. While it might not be from cancer, it is critical to act on it quickly to rule out any serious issues and get treatment.



    SJay, the last time it happened it was a week before one of his 3 month check ups. We called right away. The explanation for the blood in urine was that sometimes for no apparent reason it can happen and that it doesnt mean that there is a recurrence. They did an extra urine test of some kind at his check up and it came back fine. All the scans looked good. Thinking back after it happened …my husband was over doing it quite a bit before the blood. Lifting ..moving alot ..strenuous stuff. So maybe it has something to do with that. This time he was also doing a bit too much. I was just curious if that has happened to anyone else.
    thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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