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    I had been given good news yesterday from my family doctor that I have been diagnosed with Low-grade papillary urothelial carcinoma with no invasion identified. I still have questions about how good is good news as due to the spot they removed the tumor is the top neck of my bladder hernia “Bladder Diverticulum” it also stated in my report there was no muscularis propria available for assessment from the tumor site. I understand that there is no “bladder muscle” within bladder hernias, I don’t understand if this is still great news or not. After the surgery on April 11th I was catheterized for seven days without any pain to mention but after the catheter was removed I have been experiencing difficulties with pain while voiding while my bladder is contacting. My concern now is my urine was clearing up from a cloudy orange colour to normal but now past couple of days the colour has become very dark again. The only symptoms I am feeling is fatigued; my doctor has given me a requisition to check for infection. Any comments about my diagnosis and change in urine colour from good to bad again would be appreciated. I am also a little concerned about the pathologist report that there is no sign of invasion identified as most of us are counting on signs of muscle versus non-muscle invasion. I will get in to see my urologist May 10th, this will be my follow up date. Not another TURP as I previously mentioned, whoever was doing the booking gave me the wrong information. Thank you again for the information that has been volunteered to this point, I can see the value of working together to become more educated with Bladder Ca. I am also hoping for others on this forum to get through what they need to get through and I hope from my own experiences I will be able to return the favor someday.


    Hello Fraser255,

    I cannot comment much as the location of your BC was in your bladder hernia “Bladder Diverticulum” and mine was in the bladder.  But I can comment on your pathology as my pathology was similar.  My pathology report also said non-invasive,  no muscularis propria available for assessment.  Your grade was low grade (WHO-2004 classification), mine was grade 2 (pre 2004 WHO classification).  My urologist said that my BC was not even in lamina propria layer so he did not take a muscle specimen, hence classified as muscle non-invasive. But it is the best you clarify your case with your urologist.

    If it is a single, first time, <3cm TaLG, it is considered low risk. Its progression is minimum to none. So, I can say it is a great news.  Best luck on May 10.




    Thank you Joey; I was looking at the diagram provided within the forum today of the bladder and it’s layers and did not know about the lamina propria layer. I hope that was the reason for stopping the TURP where he did, I’m pretty sure he would also not be able to cut much deeper than that seeing I don’t have a muscular layer within the hernia. I went to the US to get a CT scan as I wanted the surgery sooner than later and I was not originally booked until July. I groan every time I hear you will have to wait, guess I’m not really good at waiting. I am hoping that this will be the end of the cancer and the pain while voiding will go away but I guess it has only been 15 days maybe my getting active again has stirred the surgical site and it will go away soon.
    Stay Well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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