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    Jack Moon

    This weekend our annual 5K awareness walks are taking place across Canada. So many volunteers have put their hearts and souls into organizing and assisting with the events across Canada. A thank you just does not seem enough to be said about their accomplishments. To all of our walkers and their families who have canvassed for donations a thank you just does not seem enough.
    To Global TV for donating air time to advertise our walks a thank you does not seem enough.
    So I will add the following to our thank you, and that is Congratulations everyone!
    You have created more awareness this year about this disease than any other year in our history. You have generated donations and surpassed our fundraising goal of $350,000, again more than any year in our history.
    On behalf of our board of directors, thank you and most importantly congratulations.
    God Bless you all,
    Your co-founders David and Jack


    I would like to send out a great big THANK YOU for making this organization a reality. If it weren’t for the support and knowledge of the BCC team, its members and all those here in the forum, I would have been lost and likely terrified.

    I want to send out a special thanks to Greg Neely who was my first point of contact when I signed up. You grounded me and helped me very quickly realize that this wasn’t something that would control me.

    I was a part of the Toronto Awareness Walk today and I’m very proud to be a volunteer after meeting such a great bunch of people!!!

    David and Jack….Thank YOU!

    Chris Lee

    I have to say that I had a great time at the walk today!

    I was great to see so many people out to support our cause. It was also somewhat sad that there are so many people affected by this disease. Hopefully the work done by so many here at BCC will help to make these walks unnecessary in the future.
    It was very heartbreaking to here Tom Browns story and my thoughts go out to him and his family during these tough times. We are pulling for you Tom.

    I would like to thank everyone involved in putting this event together along with all those who came out to help and to walk with us. You are all much appreciated.



    It was a great walk, and a very successful day! Our thanks to Greg for organizing such a successful event; to everyone who donated, participated and volunteered.
    Greg was also a grounding force for us, when my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and a week later in surgery for a neobladder.
    I second the motion – a huge thank you Jack and David, for starting BCC.



    What a wonderful day in Toronto at Sunnybrook Park yesterday! The weather was good, the crowds turned out en masse (upwards of 300), Tom Brown of CTV News moved us with his story of how BC has affected first his sister and now his mother, David Guttman received a plaque from the mayor’s office on behalf of BCC, Trade Show Audio gave music and sound support, The Pickle Barrel provided lunch, stretched out the participants before and after the walk, donations poured in and even the small silent auction raised over $2,300 with fierce bidding for the train tickets on VIA Rail at the end! We’ll take away some additional lessons about coordinating such an event and improve upon the experience next year. But what was best of all was putting faces to names we’ve seen on this site and having a bond of friendship that comes with shared circumstances like bladder cancer.

    A special shout-out to director Paul Unterman whose unflappable demeanour and wise counsel saved me from exploding in the days leading up to the walk. He was a big part of the Toronto coordinating team along with Ieva Fraser and we appreciate the support from local BCC folks who came and made the day the good time it was.

    We ran short of lunches, but then half of those who showed up did not register on-line so it was a guessing game. We guessed low – and in that I can see a positive in that so many more people than expected turned up, contributed and spread awareness – even with growling stomachs!



    I would also like to add my thanks to all those previously mentioned and to each and every volunteer who made this a fantastic day. This is my third walk and it just gets bigger and better. It was a great day except for Jack not being there. We did miss you. Congratulations to all.


    Jack Moon

    I missed seeing you too Bev. I attended the walk in Cambridge, as a very close personal friend organized the walk there. (Not a bladder cancer patient)
    They did a terrific job and the event was very well organized and my family and I really enjoyed the day.
    I am always amazed how caring and fun loving Canadians really are.

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