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    Anyone care to share what to expect with BCG side effects.
    I have had two tumours in the past six months and will be pursuing this treatment after my next surgery on May8th.

    Jack Moon

    Hi Austin

    BCG side effects do vary by patient and vary greatly. I had a total of 30 treatments due to 2 recurrences during my first 12 treatments. I only experienced mild side effects during my first 12 treatments, mostly just urgency and burning for 12-24 hours. During my last 18 treatments i encountered the same burning and urgency lasting 2-3 days, bladder spasms, and the worst was fatigue for 3-4 days. Although at the time I complained a lot about the treatments, all was well worth it, as I have been all clear for 8 years. I was fortunate also to have my treatments on Friday afternoons so I never missed a day of work.
    I wish you all the best,
    BCG = Bladder Cancer Gone



    Just finished my sixth BCG 2 weeks ago. I receive them at 9:30 AM.

    1st one I didn’t have any reactions.
    2nd I definitely new something was happening.
    3rd, 4th and 5th more of a reaction joint pain, flu like symptoms and fatigue.
    6th [strong]fatigue[/strong] and joint pain.

    All in all the side effects were bearable but [strong]we all react differently[/strong]. Hope yours will be as good as mine.

    I take 2 tylenol 1 hour before the BCG. 20 minutes before the 2 hours are up I drink 250 mls of water at the 2 hour mark I drink another 250 mls (gives some pressure when you start to urinate). From 11:30 AM I try and drink a minimum of 2500 mls and take tylenol again if needed.

    Take care.


    Hi everyone, I am new to this site as of my 1st BCG treatment on April 2nd. Have had 2 turbts one in Dec 2014 and one in Feb 2015, the 2nd one to remove what was left of the High Grade T1 tumour (I think). Then started on BCG. First BCG treatment on April 2nd went great, no side affects just tired. Went again the next week on April 9th and within 48 hours broke out in a rash on the back of both hands. Was advised by my urologist not to go the the next BCG instillation on the 16th just in case. I went to my family Dr regarding the rash and he said it was viral and prescribed cortizone cream and advised to take 1 antihistimine a day until rash is gone (if it is viral why prescribe an antihistimine..are these not for allergic reactions?). Well I have done this for over a week now and it is still there only now on my legs (to a lesser degree) and hips (to a lesser degree). I am going to attend my next treatment this week on April 23rd and hope for the best. I don’t think it was caused by the BCG? Has anyone else had a rash from these treatments before? Please let me know. This is driving me crazy 🙂 thanks for any help or thoughts you can provide. 🙂

    Jack Moon

    Hi Sal Pal

    Below is a link to the BCG site, which does show a “mild rash” as a side effect. I did not encounter a rash from my BCG treatments (30) although everyone does have different side effects from the treatments. I can understand your worries about the rash, and maybe your GP could refer you to a skin specialist if the cream does not work.
    Good luck with your upcoming treatment.
    All the best,


    Hi Jack thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Very much appreciated. I’ll go for my treatment this Thursday and ask some questions about this rash while I’m there. I really hated missing that one treatment. This is all so new to me that I guess nothing has sunk in yet? There is no cancer in my family. guess I am the “Special Girl” lol. I am so glad the Rockyview turned me on to this site. Cheers to all of you


    Hi Austin
    Iv’e not had any bcg treatments, just wanted to incouage you to stay strong, and let you know Jack is a very knowledgeable resource.


    Hi Sal

    Reaching out is the best resource especially when on foreign territory ! You being the first in your family perhaps makes it even scarier ! When I was diagnosed I was also stunned. I was never ever sick nor missed work but you manage to deal … The old self help slogan one day at a time really is relevant for this illness as well 🙂 hang in there Sal …xo

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