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    We have two jackrabbits that camp out in our back yard regularly, one on each side of the house. They sit still for hours and have actually hollowed out little bum spots. We have a pet bunny and have always loved rabbits but that being said…if I could only train them to consume all the dandelions and leave my blueberry bushes alone. Anyone else have backyard animal adventures?


    I enjoy wildlife.

    On our backyard property here in Ottawa (I mean in the city) we have CottonTail Rabbits roaming around all the time.
    Morning doves coo on our front porch every morning.
    We see a Gopher sunning immediately outside our backyard patio door.
    Great Blue Herons, and Mallard ducks landing on our backyard.
    Finally, we feed the squirrels, chipmunks and birds
    The bird food entices the Red Cardinals.

    I love this city.



    Hello Marysue

    We have:
    – woodpeckers that peck metal posts.
    – hummingbirds that love my cow bell on the back deck
    – completely yellow birds (don’t know what type they are)
    – completely blue birds (don’t know what type they are)
    – robins galore
    – owls that like to swoop you at dusk
    – fireflies
    – fox dens in our front yard and little ones each year
    – deer in our backyard and little ones each year – usually twins
    – coyotes that sometimes serenade from all four sides of our property (have page wire fencing around our property and this keeps them out)
    – neighbor has caught a moose on his wildlife camera
    – ducks and geese galore (you can stand at the back of our yard and watch the ducks and geese fly by below you in one of three ravines that has a creek.)

    Then there is Bob. Bob is our cat. Bob is Garfield reincarnated. Bob even sleeps with his face mashed into the couch and also loves lasagna.

    From our second story front deck have watched a lightning show off in the distance, northern lights in front of that and clear sky with stars right above us. The milky way goes right over our house and the big dipper is northwest of our house.

    Thunderstorms usually are north and south of us and put on awesome displays.


    I grew up near Niagara Falls and remember the morning doves. We used to get what my dad referred to as the “dawn chorus” in the spring and summer months. The robins would start about 3:30-4AM, followed by the male cardinal, then the orioles, starlings, jays, sparrows and morning doves all chiming in for a combined chorus. This would last for about 2 hours. Even though it often woke me up I still enjoyed it. We would have a more minor evening encore around 6-7PM.

    As for animals, we had the cottontail bunnies that our beagle-terrier used to like to try and catch. Skunks used to reside under a neighbour’s backyard shed until they finally got smart and took it down. Too many dogs were getting sprayed. How ours avoided that fate is still a mystery since he took skunks for cats which he loathed with the exception of the next door neighbour’s grey Persian. Racoons and muskrats slunk around through the orchards too. The coons loved to try to get into the trash of course. My mom had an ongoing war trying to keep them out. I swear they and magpies are the McGyvers of the animal world and can open just about anything.

    Now in Calgary, I live near an environmental area so in addition to the jacks, we see hawks, jays, falcons, waxwings, magpies, redheaded blackbirds, crossbills, chickadees and nuthatches just to name a few. Coyotes, deer and in the south of the city people can expect visits from bobcats, and an occasional moose or black bear or cougar. I love even just walking around my neighbourhood and seeing what I can find. Just the past few days I’ve seen baby robins and sparrows fledging – must be the last batch for the year. Yes, our animal friends are good company.


    Well I have creatures of all kinds in my backyard. and Front yard. The deer and rabbits eat all the flowers but most of my yard is cactus anyway and they have nice yellow and pink blossums and they dont bother those. Just think of them as body guards. Or body bunnies. Wish Greg were here to ask about this.



    There should be a special flower for Greg. Any ideas? I would love to plant a flower in my garden in memory of him. It would have to be next spring since our colder weather is coming.

    Aside from that, I’ve had to keep petunias up on my deck as the jackrabbits in my yard think they are a delicacy and help themselves to those and any lettuce I might grow. They do leave my veggie garden alone since I grow a lot of squash that have prickly vines. The baby jacks often hide in my tomato patch under the plants. I’ve startled them before when I’ve gone out to water the garden.
    I’ve been tempted to put out a sign “BEWARE of GUARD BUNNIES” and see what kind of a reaction I get but so far have been too chicken.


    Oh gosh, I have no idea. I guarantee though that Greg would not want any artificial flowers. So given that, I guess any flower might be OK. I would ask the bunnies. I like strawberry shortcake myself. Not that it has anything to do with flowers but thought I would throw that in. And frankly, I think you should just be thankful that you don;t have dinosaurs hanging out in your yard as I do. They are great though when I want to pick apples on my neighbor’s orange tree. I just climb up his tial and up onto his muzzle and I can reach all the oranges I want. Have no idea why dinasauers have gotten such a bad wrap. I mean seriously, it’s not as if they are a violent motorcycle gang.


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