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    Hi all,

    I am back again after a 5 month rest . I am on my 2nd round of BCG treatments and am having some low abdominal discomfort . Have any of you had anything like this . On my initial round of 6 treatments , I had a mild fever and was very tired for a few days & that was all . This abdominal pain is something new & I am not sure if I should contact my Dr or not . I have 2 more sessions to go before I stop for awhile with a cystoscopy booked for May 30th .

    Thanks everyone . God bless




    Hi Prairiegirl:


    What exactly do you mean by low abdominal pain?  Is it a burning pain in the bladder area or more like an aching or spasms?  Does it burn when you pee?  Do you have any other accompanying symptoms like a fever?

    I have had 21 BCG treatments and remember that I’d get bladder spasms the day of and next day post treatment.  As I got into my treatments I also remember my bladder feeling like it was on fire for 24-48 hours and then it would subside. The spasms/burning would gradually lessen with Tylenol and a hot water bottle.

    If you think this is unusual for you, I’d say play it safe and check with your doctor or BCG clinic to see what they say.  They won’t mind you checking it out.  Better safe than sorry.  Hope my comments help.  Best Wishes going forward.  ((((HUGS))))

    Jack Moon

    Hi Prairygirl

    During my 3rd round of BCG I encountered bladder spasms if that is what you are experiencing. I found a warm bath and tylenol did help. The spasms usually lasted 2-4 days after each treatment. Always best to consult with your doctor.
    All the best,


    Hi Folks ,

    I have to apologize to  Marysue & Jack . They sent a message to me & for some reason it went into my junk  & I just found it now . So sorry about that as I usually reply asap .

    I did check with my Dr after the 2nd treatment and she told me it was normal and not to worry about it . if it continued after a few days I was to let her know though . A few days later it did disappear and I was fine .

    I just completed my 3rd and last treatment for this round and now wait for a scope at the end of May . I am very lucky as I dont seem to be having a lot of problems so far ; not like some of you on this discussion . I wish each & every one of you success and pain free treatments .

    I was diagnosed with non invasive type bladder , early stage , but am a high risk patient so no doubt I will be taking these treatments for quite awhile

    Hope you are all able to enjoy spring now that its has finally arrived .

    Bye for now.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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