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    I recently read a post on another site regarding a connection between arsenic and bladder cancer. This brought me back to the initial research readings when Malcolm was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Malcolm’s dad was a mining safety engineer, from post WW11 until he retired in the mid 1970’s. He travelled to mining communities in Canada and the USA, assessing the levels of arsenic that the mines were emitting, taking his family with him. They lived in these areas for several years at a time.
    Has anyone else wondered about levels of arsenic exposure (water source) and your diagnosis of bladder cancer?



    I have often wondered what chemical exposure could have contributed to my diagnosis. I was born near the infamous Love Canal and raised in the Niagara region being exposed to the pollution of the Stelco and Defasco steel mills and I was swimming in the polluted waters of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie a lot as a kid. This is on top of living in a house full of cigarette smoke and being exposed to the pesticides (including DDT) being sprayed on the fruit trees in my neighbourhood. I would expect if one did tests there would be arsenic in the water.

    I believe it does occur naturally in small amounts which most likely wouldn’t put one’s health at risk. The type that has polluted the water is probably an artificial version that our body can’t metabolize and therefore as with all other manmade chemicals they build up in our bodies and then cause trouble.

    I have heard that chlorine has a possible link to bladder cancer as well. That unnerves me because they put chlorine in the drinking water to act as a disinfectant. (Not to mention having to pour bleach in the toilet while doing BCG) So in my case if I was drinking heavily chlorinated water and then swimming in chlorinated pools a lot I was getting exposed from all sides.

    Dr. Eric Hyndman Jr. that spoke at the Calgary Bladder Cancer Patient conference in 2011 said that research is being done into a genetic component with regards to how well people metabolize chemical exposure. Those that don’t do well in this area are more likely to be at risk for bladder cancer. So from this I deduced in my case if I did have a genetic predisposition for risk of bladder cancer and then from childhood was exposed to the right “chemical bomb” so to speak it would be a given I would develop the disease later in life. Of course there was no knowledge of this in the 1960’s and 70’s when I was growing up.

    I try to minimize my risk by drinking bottled and filtered water as much as possible.


    An excerpt from The World Health Organization:

    World Health Organization
    International Agency for Research on Cancer
    IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans
    Volume 84
    Some Drinking-water Disinfectants and Contaminants, including Arsenic
    Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation
    Last update: 28 September 2004

    5.5 Evaluation

    There is sufficient evidence in humans that arsenic in drinking-water causes cancers of the urinary bladder, lung and skin.

    There is sufficient evidence in experimental animals for the crcinogenicity of dimethylarsinic acid.

    Accessed 11-22-13


    I worked at a gold mine, in Yellowknife, years ago and had arsenic exposure. Diagnosed bladder cancer September 2012. I am 100% sure that caused my BC. Typical rich 1% keep getting richer while us peons die from being exposed to enviromental work hazards. I notice how the republican from Kentucky is all upset because of the poor coal workers who will be out of work if the epa keeps up bothering about cleaner air, so will reduce coal miners jobs. Note he never once mentions about the billionaire owners who want to wring every last breath out of their dying coal miners. They fail to mention that there are scrubbers out there that can clean the air in coal fired power plants but will take money out of their pockets, so the 1% decide who dies and who lives and what house will they “summer” in, Cayman Island or Arizona, so hard to chose.


    I worked all my life in chemistry labs with all kinds of chemicals. But I blame the chemo (especially cyclophosphamide) and the rads on my groin for the lymphoma treatment that I received in 1992. Just few months ago I was treated again with a chemo that had a similar compound. Another thing that I blame for my BC is that I did not drink enough water during my chemos or during my work. Now I boil some dry fruits in a big pot of water and drink a lot.


    Interesting Sue about the doctor Hyndman, he was my doctor in Calgary who did my BC surgery. When I asked for a referral to a Calgary doc from Edmonton doc, he sent me to Eric, had never met him…but…surprise his father, Eric Sr. Was the doc my daughter saw many years ago about her medical issues…an urology doc…must be in their genes…he was a good doctor…both men…

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