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    Last week, I celebrated the eighteenth anniversary of my successful partial cystectomy. I still remain recurrence-free and am reminded every day of how blessed I have been!

    I wish to convey my support and positive energy for everyone here, whether you are the patient, former patient, caregiver, or friend or family member of a bladder cancer patient. This Canadian forum has done so much to raise awareness! Jack and his colleagues are incredible.

    Since I did not experience chemo, radiation, BCG, radical cystectomy, etc., I may not have a lot to offer there. But I can still let people know survivors are out here and continuing to do well.

    Jack Moon

    Congrats Pam, you certainly are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for being a part of our group so we may learn from your experiences in dealing with this disease.


    Thanks for the good news, Pam. I am very happy for you. And you do offer all of us a great deal and I thank you for that. I guess we definitely need to move the party to your house. Salmon, fresh fruit and veggies, and watermelon. I love water melon. And all kinds of fish. I’ll bring the tequila.



    Celerating 18 years of being recurrence free is such wonderful news to hear. Your support does mean so much to all of us and I hope you have many many more happy and cancer free anniversaries.


    Congrats to another anniversary. YOu may not have had some of the misadventures of the rest of us but your support and the fact that you are one of the few with a partial cysectomy that seems by all accounts to have been the successful option for you tells others that this is also a possible way to beat BC! Our journeys are unique to each one of us.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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