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    If you had the choice, which would you choose for TURBT ?


    I have had 7 (one of them just 2 days ago) and always had a general. With my RC I also had a general. I do not have any adverse reaction to the general and am happy not to be awake. However, if you have other reasons not to want a general, like bad reactions, a lot of nausea, etc. an epidural might be suitable. Either way you’re staying at the hospital for awhile. My doc has never really given me the option and assumes I’ll be fast asleep. I’m just as happy.




    The last surgeries I’ve had they have given me the epidural and also a very light general. I don’t handle the general well but don’t want to be awake either. This seems to work very well for me and they take care of any nausea as soon as I’m in recovery. Oh and they also give me gravol before I enter operating room so that must help also.


    I’ve had 11 surgeries to date including 2 TURBTS. I had generals for all of them except the 3 dental surgeries which were local freezing followed by heavy duty pain killers. These surgeries are spread out over my entire life with the last two being TURBTS.

    I know for my first TURBT it was a full general because it took me much longer to wake up from than the second one. The second TURBT was only for one small tumour versus several so I think I must have only been in a light general. I have always requested a general as I handle them quite well.

    I have very bad memories from childhood medical procedures and surgeries so when in the OR I have always asked for them to knock me out ASAP so I don’t start freaking out. I tell them they have the choice of a sleeping cooperative patient or a freaking out awake one. I know that we both prefer the former. I was offered an epidural for my first TURBT but when the doc heard about my above mentioned fears he recommended a full general to which I heartily agreed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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