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    i have my path results. there were 2 small tumors and the diagnosis was as follows  a.) “superficial bladder tumor” noninvasive papillary urothelial carcinoma, high grade

    b.) focal cauterized papillary urothelial carcinoma—unremarkable muscularis propria is sampled


    hte urologist calls them both T1 evn though, clearly, “a” is T0, another discussion with him. any way, he said that he does think it penetrated the connective tissue, BUT it has not penetrated the muscle, not the “unremarkable muscularis propria”. a n other cases he wants to go in and have another look to be sure everything  is gone. then we will know for sure what it going to happen, either BCG or radical cyctectomy.

    trouble is, i have found a study that was in the canadian urological journal and its title is “Radical cystectomy for the treatment of T1 bladder cancer: the Canadian Bladder Cancer Network experience”.

    it can be found at “”

    any thoughts. the waiting is killing me, a lot quicker than the cancer might.

    thx for your patience with me

    Rob Stull


    forgot to mention. i smoked for 25-30 years. i gae up due t the ridiculous cost, and this si my reward i guess.  cheers

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    Jack Moon

    Hi Rob

    If the tumor(s) did reach the lamina propria (lining of the bladder) which is known as T1 which could be the reason for another biopsy. This is standard protocol to do anther Turbt to be sure of the stage. Both TA and T1 high grade bladder cancer can be treated with BCG.
    The pathology report normally indicates the stage along with the grade. I would recommend you have your Urologist review the report with you in detail.
    All the best,


    i should learn to spell and use punctuation.

    tumor “a”- label on container “superficial bladder tumor” transurethral resection

    diagnosis ” noninvasive papillary urothelial carcinoma, high grade


    tumour “b”- label on container “deep bladder tumor” transurethral resection:

    diagnosis: ffocal cauterized papillary urothelial carcinoma

    unremarkable muscularis propria is sampled


    i thought tumour “a” and i still think its a T0, and “b” is a T1 and has not penetrated the muscle layer yet., the mucosa, yes, but nor the muscle, other wise the muscularis propria would not have been unremarkable.


    the next turbt (he siad) was to ensure it did not penetrate the muscle layer (he said he didnt think it did). then bcg.


    tumor “a” was 1.9cm x 0.8cm x 0.5cm

    tumor “b” was 1.6cm x 0.6cm x 0.5cm

    both seem a little on the small size. thats what i am telling myself anyway.





    i have found at times recently that my situation has fled taking my manners with it. i am nervous to the nth degree about all this. everyone i know has told me that my chances with the above are very good.

    please accept my apologies if i seem rude, it was not my intention

    r stull

    Jack Moon

    Hi Rob

    I do not find your comments rude at all. I know exactly how you feel as I experienced it in 2005. I was nervous, on edge, and as my wife would say, I was an outright bitch to be around. I was lucky in that my Urologist reviewed my pathology report with me word for word and put the medical terms into layman’s language. He explained the BCG treatments and why he recommended them and some common side effects of the treatments.
    Non-invasive bladder cancer can be treated with success, I am living prove of that being 11 years cancer free and so many on the forum prove it also.
    I wish you the very best going forward and please keep us posted on your progress and updates.


    thank you for that. this board is an absolute god send. for someone who’s cancer was found by complete and total accident and is really, still getting used to the idea.

    now its a waiting game, to see what they find on the second follow up turbt. he said he thought it wasnt into the muscle, so i will go with that until proven otherwise.

    will be seeing everyone.

    rob s


    Hi rob1234:

    Welcome to Bladder Cancer Canada but sorry that you have need of us.  I, like Jack have had non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.  I’ve had it twice – multiple Ta high grade urothelial tumours in 2008 and a single Ta high grade tumour in 2010.  I had a Turbt each time to remove the tumours and followed it up with BCG treatments.  I’ve been cancer free since September 2010 and now just go for annual cysto checks.

    It’s hard not to be “bitchy” at a time like this.  I remember flying off the handle and being really rough on my younger two boys who were the remaining children at home at that time.  My then 18 year old took off a lot of the time and my nearly 14 year old had a complete melt down in school.  That made me shape up -realizing how my actions were affecting my family.  This was not all about me.  The cancer diagnosis affects my family too.

    To help relieve some of the anger and tension, I did several “safe” things: a) vented everything into a journal which I later destroyed so no one would read it and get upset (yes, I said some bad things about my family members and others) b) did my best to find some alone time and vented my anger out on an old pillow – I whacked it with a baseball bat and kicked the **** out of it c) did my best to exercise more to release stored up nervous energy – for me walking and biking worked d) found ways to calm down – yoga and acupuncture in my case.

    I found BCC in 2010 around the time of my recurrence and talking to people on this site helped with putting my situation into proper perspective because of the knowledge I gained about bladder cancer.  Up until then I thought that I had a rare disease because I wasn’t able to connect with others to find out how they were dealing with it.  As they say, “It takes one to know one.”

    It takes time to get your head around everything.  It is such a steep learning curve.  I second what Jack recommends – have another talk with your uro to make sure that you completely understand the pathology report.  Many uros do recommend as yours has – a second TURBT to make sure of the pathology results especially if it is a T1 (Stage 1).  There is a fine line between Stages 1 and 2.  The one thing I would take some comfort in – it’s not nice to have a second surgery so soon but at least there is a fair chance that it may get anything that is still in there and give you a lesser chance of recurrence and possible progression, especially if you add BCG treatments to it later.

    Best of luck with the upcoming second TURBT and let us know how it goes.  ((((HUGS))))


    thank you jack and mary sue. not helping my nerves was the fact that i have also been recently diagnosed with ptsd. i wont bother with the details but it is being brought under control and now i find that my bladder cancer is becoming easier  (a little) to deal with.

    my urologist will NOT be permitted to get away with what he previously did. apparently i was “forgotten” and my turbt was the first time he had gone in to see what was going on. i know that the second “peek” is supposed to happen around 6 weeks from the first. that puts it at the 21st of november. i will be “inquiring” with his staff starting this monday.

    since this whole thing was found by accident, i am not going to screw up the gift the universe/karma has given me.

    will keep everyone apprised and thx again




    i forgot to put the update here with the results of the second “look”. they took 2 small samples to send to the lab. what they got back was no cancerous cells detected. next is the bcg, and i just had the fourth this past thursday.


    rob stull


    Hi Rob,

    I replied to your other post, but I want to let you know that we’re very happy to hear that your results showed no cancerous cells.  Awesome news!

    My best.

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