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    Doing the happy dance today as gone a year with an all clear. Though after getting ready to leave the nurse came and told me that my next scope would be in February. Maintenance BCG in Jan.
    Not feeling comfortable with this I expressed concern that it had only been an year and thought it was two years before we went to 6 months. She said it was up to the Dr. and it could be one or two years.
    I will be having a scope in Nov. and then treatment in Jan and another scope in Feb. After this if all clear then we do the 6 month schedule. The nurse said she would put me in for a scope if I felt anxiety and my Dr. was fine with it. Thankful he was. My hubby thought I was nuts to want another scope if I didn’t have to.
    My question is has anybody else had only a one year before going to 6 month?

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    Jack Moon

    My Uro wanted to moved me to 6 month scopes after 3 years all clear. His reasoning was the number of recurrences I had during my 1st 2 years.
    I have not heard of anyone being moved to 6 month check-ups after 1 year clear, the norm is usually 2 years.
    Congrats on the all clear,


    Because of my reoccurrences, I stayed on 3 month check-ups for quite a while. I think 2 years, then went to 6 months, last year got moved to annual.
    I guess doctors are all different, plus we are. If you are uncomfortable going that long before your next checkup, tell the doc and stay at 6 months!


    I got moved up to annual checkups 6 months early because my uro felt after 21 bcgs and only one very minor reoccurrence I wasn’t at high risk for trouble. I’ve stayed on annual because I’ve remained cancer free. I didn’t quite make it to the 2 year mark to go from 3 months to 6 months the first time. I was ok with it but he did it with the agreement that I’d contact his office at the first sign of any trouble. I told him I had told the tumours the second time where to go and not to come back and said I didn’t expect them not to listen. He was amused and wished me luck. I’m going on 5 years tumour free.


    One year cancer free , just celibate that. The follow ups are part of the new normal


    Good news for sure, way to go!


    So happy for you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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