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    Hi all,  I’m looking for some help here and getting to the point where frustration is really setting in.

    I had my radical June 28th, aside from issues from a previous appendectomy causing adhesions that had to be removed, all went well.   Mr Urologist said that he wanted to be sure all worked well before I left the hospital  and he was pumping me full of laxatives.   When I left the hospital and was able to pass gas and have light bowel movements.  4 days later things slowed right down and no gas or movements.  I took stool softeners and eventually took laxatives which got things moving again but the gas pain was incredible.    This is a continuing situation,  I’ve been home over a week now and the gas pin is continuing, has anyone who had a radical run into the same issues???

    I walk at least 1 mile a day, usually a one time thing,  I think maybe that is something I can improve on and not at one time  but maybe try to walk every hour for 5-10 minutes????

    I would really appreciate suggestions and advice on this as it’s becoming alarming at times and very uncomfortable.


    Thanks all….




    Hi Mike:

    Glad to know that you made it through your RC surgery.  You are less than a month out from having a very big surgery so it may be a while before things settle down.

    I suggest contacting your doctor or the hospital for suggestions on alternative laxatives/stool softeners.  Not all brands work for everyone. Some laxatives particularly the ones that contain senna like in Senokot or psyllium like in Metamucil often give people more gas instead of less. I have not had an RC surgery but did have a hysterectomy surgery in 2002 and experienced a lot of gas, cramping and constipation afterwards and had to experiment with different products to get relief.

    The best remedy I have found to relieve gas post op is frequent short walks as you are able versus one long walk.  The frequency of the short walks stimulates the digestive tract.  Walking only one long walk a day may make you too tired to do any more that day.  Fatigue is common after a major surgery. Start out with a comfortable time like 5-10 minutes and  and a short distance and gradually work up even if that means just starting by walking up and down your street.  Take care not to overdo at first. Other tips for dealing with gas:  Drinking ginger or peppermint herb teas can help break up gas.  Hot water helps shift gas and softens hard stool particularly if drunk in the morning. This was something I learned from my mother-in-law.  A couple of mugfuls in the AM before breakfast really helps.  It is an Asian thing.  The other thing I would avoid would be caffeine like coffee, tea and any fizzy soft drinks. Caffeine irritates the colon and acts as a dehydrator on the body. Fizzy drinks as you probably have guessed will give you more not less gas.

    And lastly, water, drink lots of it and go easy on fiber for the first while.  Fiber as you know adds bulk to help you go but if it is not offset with sufficient liquid intake it can cause problems not relieve them.  Too much too soon can be hard on the healing intestines.  I know hospitals have the opposite tendency these days to push solid foods as soon as you wake up versus earlier times when you had to practically beg to be fed and for some of us it can be too much too soon.  Soups and soft foods will also have the extra liquid in them that your body needs and fill you up in between meals.

    I hope that my suggestions help.  Good luck for a speedy recovery and getting back to “normal” in the bathroom.   (((HUGS))))


    Thanks Marysue,  you have given me a lot of things to try.  The hot water then walking sounds like the first option, then go from there 🙂

    Thanks again




    Jack Moon

    Hi Mike

    Hoping you are starting to feel better my friend. Hang in there.

    You got some very good advice from Marysue.

    All the best,



    Hello Jack,

    Thanks for the kind words  and I certainly did get excellent advice..

    I’m feeling a little better,  when the docs told me I would feel pretty beat up for the first 2-3 weeks  they sure weren’t lying…

    I’m thinking that laxatives are going to be part of my life for the next few months..



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    Hi lefmike,

    I am including a link to some exercises that Christina Dzieduszycki, Registered Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, showed us in a workshop held in May of this year.  The video walks through the presentation, as well as the hands-on workshop which provided a plan to exercise the core group of muscles to help with incontinence, bowel movement, flatulating and managing scar tissue remodeling – an often overlooked bi-product of surgery to remove the bladder and prostate.

    Incidentally, if you go to you will see a series of workshops that show you how to use your muscles to help you out.

    I hope you find this helpful


    Hello all,   I’m still having issues with constipation,  but if I take a laxative it does clear me out but causes so much pain for the next 24 hours.   I’m still trying different things to gt things moving, like drinking hot water, walking and eating more fiber.   Personally I’ve been concerned in taking laxatives because my system might get used to needing them adn it then becomes a vicious cycle,  but if I do for a little while my system will have more time to heal the I can force things a little more naturally??  Who knows eh?   I’m really just reaching  out to every one to say hello, and i hope everyone is enjoying this incredibly hot summer weather.   Ohh  one question,  how soon does the exhaustion leave ?? how long does this go on for?  I’m now at week 6 post op,  I’m doing fine, feeling ok then all of the sudden I get this massive tired feeling and wham I need to rest,  does anyone else have this happen to them??


    Happy trails to everyone reading this

    Good health to you all





    Hi lefmike,

    I have had the same surgery and the tired feeling may go on for quite awhile.

    I had my surgery in April, 2019, and after 6 weeks I thought I could cut my lawn which usually takes about 1 hour. I started and found that I needed about 6 or 7 rest periods before I could finish. This gradually improved and by the 10 week post surgery mark, I could complete the cutting in one go.
    Stick with it and things will improve.

    If you are still having problems with constipation, check with your doctor about taking magnesium. When I had to undergo chemotherapy, I found that two of the 500 mg tablets kept me regular but there can be other side effects with taking magnesium so make sure to ask your doctor.



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