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    Hello BC friends, on Nov 27, 2017 I was told by a doctor after CT scan with IV that they found a growth in my bladder and he thought it was a tumor. I expected it in a way after I had researched after the 1st episode of gross hematuria on Nov 3 and subsequent 4 sporatic episodes in 3 weeks. I am 70 years male. gross hematuria without pain. come and go episodes. The profile fit with typicla BC. But I never smoked, never worked in a risk industry. So, I was hoping also it was something else. When I heard the word tumor, I was not shocked on surface but I must have been hit hard mentally. I started asking him what it would look like. He said 2cm by 7? It is sticking up. I asked if it had penetrated the wall. I was trying to find out if it was low or high grade and if and if so how deep it already penetrated into the wall of bladder. But I could not remember what he said except the report would be sent to my GP and Urologist. I have told my wife the result. She took it rather well. We had agreed after the first episode that I would tell everything to her. So she must have been prepared for the bad news as I was. I also told my daughters and they also took the news without burst of emotion as both my daughters are working in health care. The CT scan result and a ER doctor who took my case empathically and called my Urologist inspite of evening bumped up my appointment by a month to early next week. I just want to add to say, the 3rd episode had happened during the sandwich break at BC CanaDa seminar in Vancouver. You could imagine bloody pee in a public washroom where other people are near by. Anyway, that evening I decided to take a taxi to ER. What a coincident it was. Sureal. Becuase of my being aware of BC canada, I left a message to their toll free number. On the same day, Jack, the cofounder called me and took his time to listen my case and explained many things in assured manner. After I talked with him, my anxiety was lessened and I was able spend that afternoon normally. Jack mentioned about this forum. So, I am here. I know the importance of BC Canada to increase the awareness of BC and grow it larger so we can influence the authorities to expandthe funding for research and use of new treatments and etc. Personally I would like to get involved in increasing awareness of BC as I see many BC patients expressed why they had to wait for bloody urine to find out BC. Also, I would like to see BC gets at least 5th larget Research funding from the government because BC is #5 cancer but only gets small fund , 22nd amounf 25 cancers. As the demogrphic shifts more toward seniors and BC is the most costly cancer to treat, to me it makes sense to treat early and improve treatment method, hence reducIng th healthcare cost to the government.


    I am sorry to hear that you may be diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. It is good you were aware of BCCanada and reached out to Jack.

    I am a 61 year old male. Like you, never smoked, professional, never (knowingly) exposed to “bad” chemicals, Desk job …
    I was diagnosed with BC in August of 2015.
    I had a Single “Large” 3.5×4 cm, Papillary Tumor detected initially by Ultra-Sound. Later confirmed by Cystoscopy by my Urologist.
    After a TURBT (Tumor removal) the Tumor tissue was sent to Pathology.
    It was at that point that BC was confirmed as well as the nature of the Cancer.

    My first comment is:
    You will not know what type of Tumor you have until AFTER the Pathology. Get and keep a copy of the Pathology report.
    Size of tumor matters less than Grade, Stage and number of tumors.
    In my case, despite its large size, I had a Ta, Low Grade Tumor.

    I found the most trying emotional time to be that period from being first suspected of BC (Ultra-Sound) up until the Pathology Report. From this forum, it appears that most of us agree on that. It is a difficult time to be sure

    I am being treated with BCG and I have been “Cancer Free” since my first TURBT. Bladder Cancer is highly treatable.

    Some final “tidbits”. About 70% of patients that present with BC will be diagnosed as Non-Muscle-Invasive-Bladder-Cancer (NMIBC). Further, of those 70%, 70% will be diagnosed with Ta Low Grade tumors.
    The odds are in your favour. The tumor “sticking up” is possibly an indication that it is “papillary” in nature. Papillary tumors tend to be “Low Grade”.

    I pray all goes well with you.

    BC is highly treatable!!

    God Bless



    Thank you Ddep for posting your experince and related stats. Its very assuring to hear from the person who had gone through similar stages. It showed some light in this grey sky of Vancouver weather. Since the outcome is already determined and cannot change it, I will try to use this waiting period productively and do things I enjoy.

    Jack Moon

    Hi Joey

    DDep gave you good advice and shared his personal experiences. We have all been in your steps and understand the emotions you are dealing with. Try to keep busy and positive thoughts. You now have a big and caring team in your corner and we will always be here for you.
    All the best,
    Cancer free for 10 years,


    Hi all,

    I went to see my urologist today. He was reading the report of the CT scan I had the other day so I do not think he actually saw the CT scan image. The report states there is a mass on posterolateral aspect of the bladder wall. and says this is suspicious for a bladder tumor. I asked Urologist if it had invaded into muscle. He said he could not say until he sees it in the scope. It could be cancer or something else.

    I will be going to have Cystoscopy this Wednesday. Then, we will know.

    I tried to read the report from CT Scan, but I find it difficult to understand and as DDep says we are not doctor, so I stopped reading the report. My wife and I said to have a good time tomorrow.

    Thanks all for your friendship and support.


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