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    Hi Jack,

    Is it possible to add a new forum for volunteers?

    I have started a volunteer work a month ago in Vancouver area by delivering posters and brochures of “SEE RED?” and cards  to senior centers and libraries in and around my municipality.   I am not officially registered as a volunteer but I am working with Keith of Vancouver support group.

    I would like to share with other volunteers about their activities and tips and know-how in doing volunteer work for BCC and I though ta new forum specifically for  volunteers within this BCC forum could be utilized.

    What do you think?






    Jack Moon

    Hi Joey

    The volunteers already have a private forum on this discussion forum. Just contact Kerry at Bladder Cancer Canada and she will be very happy to add you.
    Email: Att: Kerry Abbott
    Thanks for volunteering Joey!


    Thanks Jack.  I will contact Kerry.


    Hi, Joey

    There are currently numerous channels of communications for BCC Volunteers (mostly in Facebook) at the national and local levels to share based on their area of interest and location.

    BCC Forum: Community Ambassadors Forum

    Facebook: BCC Walk Leads, also do a search for “Bladder Cancer Canada” checking for “Groups” and “Pages” across Facebook.


    Search for “Bladder Cancer Canada”, and tags “#YellowHelps” (in Twitter) to see articles and connect with others who share our interest.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Bladder Cancer Canada also uses its website and DropBox to share some educational material.</p>
    Maybe one of these existing channels with large numbers of members could be just what you are looking for to connect and share with other volunteers about their activities and tips and know-how in doing volunteer work for BCC.

    Welcome to the team!


    Kingston and the 1000 Islands


    Hi Gerry,  thanks for the links for BCC volunteers.

    Oh well, as much as I am not a fan of those social media stuff, ie. I do not have a data plan on my phone, it may be the time for me to give in and come out of celibacy from modern technology.



    Hi Gerry,

    I retract what I had said back in June, 2018.   I just started  following  a few on Twitter.   I also got a data plan, mainly so we can use internet when the support group meeting room does no have a free wifi.   I will try what you have posted back in June, last year.






    Hi Joe,

    Just curious if you were able to get in contact with Kerry Abbott (see Jack’s reply to your initial post)?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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