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    I am 53 yrs old, and for the last nine months I have been keeping a blog of my journey with Stage 2 bladder cancer, from diagnosis through chemo to surgery and back to “normal” life with a neobladder.

    I know that I searched this site as well as other sites for info about bladder cancer and other people’s experiences with it, most of which was helpful, so I wanted to share a link to my blog for those that might find it helpful, or hopeful to read. As it is, I’ve had thousands of views from 34 countries.

    Since I am now cancer free, and prepping to go back to work, I will be writing less about my cancer, so I thought this was a good time to share it here. There are not a lot of posts, only 20 or so, going back to my official diagnosis in January 2013.

    Thanks again to BCC and my bladder buddies on this site for great encouragement and support. Looking forward to participating in the walk in a week’s time, with my family and friends – Gordo’s GrouPees!

    Here is the link –

    Here’s to hope and help in your journey,


    Full disclosure: I am a pastor so there are some references to God in the blog. He and my church community have been a source of great help and hope through a difficult year.


    I haven’t learned blogging on the computer yet but would hesitate to express some of my thoughts about my BC journey as they aren’t fit for print despite having a deep Christian faith. I have made use of writing my thoughts down and have learned “creative journaling” through Wellspring Calgary where you learn to art your experiences. It was a great relaxing way to unload.


    Marysue, I get what you mean about some of your thoughts not being fit for print. Been there, thought that, for sure! My blog was mainly to keep faraway friends/family and our church family informed about my medical journey in one fell swoop without having to retell the story over and over. Worked great. As a result we had lots of practical and moral support offered, and had a lot of people praying for me and our family. I did receive a lot of comments from people about how honest I was as I wrote about my struggles with having cancer – I guess it encouraged a number of people who read it, as they realized it is ok to be angry, disappointed, sad, and to struggle with the difficulties and challenges we have in this life. Great that you got into creative journaling, something I unfortunately did not get into, sad to say.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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