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    I had a TURBT performed on a single stage TA Low Grade Papillary Carcinoma approximately 8 weeks ago. I also had a ureter stent placed due to the proximity of the tumour to the ureter. I had a cystoscopy 2 weeks ago in which the stent was removed and there were no visible signs of cancer. About 4 days ago I started to feel the need to urinate more frequently and some minor burning along with a weak stream. Is there any chance whatsoever that the cancer has returned in the last 2 weeks? It could also be a UTI or simply anxiety I’m sure. I am a 37 year old male so my case is rare to begin with.

    Thanks for any input.

    Jack Moon

    Hi Danidjar


    Sounds like a possible UTI. When I experienced same types of symptoms you are experiencing it was a UTI. Your family doc can check, simple urine test.

    Good news on being all clear at your cysto.

    All the best,



    Agree that it does sound like a UTI.  I had the same symptoms after my ureter stent was removed.  Ten days of antibiotics cures that.

    Take care, Don



    Hi Danidjar:

    I agree with the others.  It sounds like a UTI.  Better get it checked out.  It is better to be safe than sorry. UTIs can get real nasty and work their way up into your kidneys.  Not something you want to have happen.

    No doctor will get upset with you for wanting to check it out.  After all the intrusions we experience with scopes, catheters and the like, UTIs are a common occurrence.  Our bladders resent the monkeying around. Drinks lots of water to flush out your urinary tract and I suggest laying off anything drinks with caffeine in it until you are sure that the infection is gone.  If you are treated for a UTI ask your doctor about a follow up urine cystology test once you have finished the antibiotics to check to make sure that it is really gone.  All the best.  (((HUGS)))


    Hi Danidjar,


    Back in 2006, a large study (2596 NMIBC patients) was done in Europe and came up with a prediction model for recurrence and progression.   It is callled EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer)  risk table.    Your tumor, which is the first time, single, papillary type, TaLG and if the size was less than 3 cm will score 0 according to EORTC risk table.   Probability of your tumor of recurring at 1 year is 15% and probability of progression is 0.2% at 1 year according to EORTC risk rable.

    How fast cancer can return (grow)

    Most sites on bladder cancer say that low grade usually grows slower than high grade.  In 2003, Department of Urology of University of Miami had published a paper to the journal of the American Urological Association.  Based upon 32 TaLG, T1LG patients were monitored, one of their study was to measure tumor growth.  Mean tumor growth rate for 37 tumors was 1.77 mm per month (range 0 to 5.8).   This study indicates some low grade tumor grows much faster than I had thought.

    Study of bladder cancers of young adults (<40) 

    Only a few studies (5+) done on this subject perhaps because there are not many compared to seniors.   The most recent (2015)study by Turkish doctors suggests that young adults are low grade and low stage.  But,  clinical prognosis of the disease between younger and older patients is similar in high-stage and high-grade tumors.

    In another 2001 study in Greece of 31 patients < 40 years old, the study concluded that < 40 is usually low grade and low stage.  The treatment should be the same as for older patients.   Very interestingly, 27 patients (87%) were smokers.

    At any rate,  your prognosis looks good from the data above.   If you are smoker, you, every doctor says to quit.

    Best wishes











    Thanks for the info. A week of anti biotics did not work. Recent urine test came back negative for infection. Going in for ultrasound as there is now a suspicion of a kidney stone. Next scope is November 27 so we will see.



    Hello Danidjar,

    Sending you positive thoughts and Well wishes for Nov 27th.

    My Best,

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