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    Went through my second scan results and cystoscopy this week (diagnosed last July 31, surgery in early October). Bladder looks incredibly healthy on the television, and last of skin tags from the surgery to remove 3 tumours is nearly gone.

    The worrisome lump in my kidney is gone as well, but ……

    Doc says there are some small granules or something in the bottom of my lungs, but says we’ll keep an eye on them.

    So good news that no cancer in the bladder and heck, am almost enjoying the cystoscopy experience. After all the pain of the recovery of surgery and the uncomfortable BCG treatments last fall, this is an easy cross to bear. I really enjoy watching the television, once he is in the bladder. Looked too soon this time and didn’t really need to see the inside of my penis !

    I was so happy I jumped off the bed and shook Dr. Bourdeau’s hand afterwards and thanked him.

    I was worried because he did not prescribe maintenance BCG treatments, despite many of you in the BCC forums saying I should insist on them, but so far everything seems good. Dr. says if I get through this first year, then I should be good although it will be a lifetime of visits for regular checks.

    I just filled out a bladder cancer survey, and hope everyone does as well. Good information helps make good decisions.

    I really want to say how much this site and the forum has meant to me. I was in a really dark and worried place after my diagnosis last summer and all of the positive messages and support really meant a lot to me.

    Farm-Boy (formerly Farm Boy, but forgot my login and password 🙂

    Jack Moon

    Great news on the all clear, and thanks for keeping us all posted on your progress. Hopefully the 6 BCG treatments have done the job and you continue with just check-ups for ever.


    HI Farm-boy
    It is always great to read a post like yours.
    I was diagnosed with BC around the same time as you and will be starting my second round of BCG next week.
    I doubt that I will ever be in a dancing mood after a cysto but I know what you mean, when the doctor says all clear it is a great relief.
    I filled out the survey last week I’m sure the others will as well.
    The members on this site all seem to have a positive never give up attitude that is an inspiration for everyone.
    I hope the rest of your life is just cystos and you can dance till the cows come home.



    I used to do a little dance while I was ON the table and just as the doc arrived at the prostate. The sharp, ninety degree angle always caused me a little squirm! Especially the one time he used a rigid scope – but I won’t bore you with the details (pun intended).

    Congrats on the all clear.


    Congrats on the all clear!!

    I have to hand it to you, I don’t know how you managed to jump up off the table after your cysto. LOL!!

    Even though I’m female I don’t find a cysto easy. We do have new equipment at the hospital and the scope is smaller and definitely easier to tolerate but I won’t be able to do a dance anytime soon after an exam. My only good thing about this is that I’m on annual exams now. Cystos are a necessary evil with BC and will never make my list of favorite things to do but they do save lives – mine included.

    Here’s to many more “all clears” for you and all on this site!!


    Super news and glad you had the chance to dance a little. There’s always room for more dancing in the world!!!


    Great news there Farm Boy!

    I’m like you, I keep my eyes closed for a moment and then watch in fascination past that entry point. Like Greg was saying though, that point past the angle always makes me rather uncomfortable, especially the last visit as the light wasn’t working as well as it usually does so they had to sweep back and forth many times as opposed to the usual quick round about.

    Maybe we should start a soprano singing group call the Cystines or the scopadelics?



    Congrats and hang in there Farm-Boy. Keep up the great attitude and sense of humour during those invasive procedures – it will do you well!

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