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    nothing unusual, same as last time except this time (at home) i flipped around a bit and held it for the same as last time 2 hours and 32 minutes.  one thing i would like to ask. after all my posts last time, i got the most unbelievable yeast infection. all around the organ but nothing up the urethra. the itch level was unbelievable. took fluconazole and use clotrimaderm.

    happenstance or has anyone else heard of it?


    Jack Moon

    Hi Rob

    I never got a yeast infection and I am hearing that type of side effect for the first time for a man. Glad you are over it.
    Good luck with your next treatment.

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    I got yeast infections several times while doing BCG but I am prone to them anyhow.  Probably a female hormone thing.  I actually had to postpone one BCG treatment when I was on my second set of 3 maintenance treatments in June 2011. I was super sore and itchy because of the yeast infection and still tender in the urethra from the week before.  When I called the nurse she agreed that I should wait and get treated and we rebooked for the following week.

    I have found taking a strong probiotic has worked wonders in prevention and also watching my diet. Stay off sugar as much as you can and keep carbs to a minimum ie if you normally eat 6 slices of bread a day, maybe limit it to one or two. I did not ask about the safety of taking a probiotic while doing BCG.  I avoided it the day of treatment and for 2 days after and had no issue.

    I did ask the clinic nurses and at the time they didn’t know whether BCG was aggravating it or not.  My digestive tract was also upset while doing BCG- constipation big time which again for me is a sign that the mean yeasties are starting to increase.

    For me, I have also found if my immune system is out of balance that is when I may have trouble.  If I get a cold or flu or some kind of infection and end up on long term antibiotics I up the probiotic or I will end up with a yeast infection. Hope this helps.  Good luck with the rest of the treatments.  ((((HUGS)))))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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